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Datacenter Proxies for Sneakers :no longer applicable

Product: LATEST By: Markel Created: (29,07,2022 at 15:26 PM)


Let me guess. You want to up your sneaker game and are trying to figure out how sneaker proxies come into play. If you’ve done your research right, you probably already know that there are several types of proxies. One of those types – datacenter proxy – can look particularly tempting to use on sneaker sites. So, why are sneakerheads against them? We’ve all had this question before.


In the past, datacenter proxies were the go-to solution. They were cheap and very fast. Datacenter proxies could complete the checkout at the speed of light. It’s no secret that these sneaker proxies helped sneaker botters make a fortune in the resale market. But that’s only because sneaker sites didn’t care much that you were using bots back in the day.


Nowadays, things are different. Sneaker sites upped their security to keep botters at bay. Only the most cunning and resourceful sneakerheads can get their holy grail. It’s true they aren’t using datacenter proxies anymore. Instead, they power sneaker bots with residential and ISP IPs.



Why DC Proxies No Longer Work with Most Sneaker Websites


Let’s recap: DC proxies are fast, cheap, and usually run on unlimited traffic plans. Sounds perfect for copping sneakers, doesn’t it? But there’s a catch: they’re very easy to detect and block. That’s why sneakerheads rarely use them to power their sneaker bots.


How does that work exactly? Let me explain.


1. Web hosting companies. As I’ve mentioned before, datacenter proxies come from web hosting companies. Each IP address publicly shows who owns it – and regular people don’t use IP from these companies to buy shoes. That’s one red flag.


2. Subnets. Second, these companies offer IP addresses in related blocks, also known as subnets. As you probably know, an IP address consists of four numbers separated by periods. These numbers aren’t random. To put it simply, if you receive a block of IPs, most numbers in it, except for one, will likely overlap.


Now imagine a dozen sneakerheads buying proxies from the same provider and using them to access the same shoe store. It’s plain as day that these visitors aren’t here to play nice. Getting rid of DC proxies is the first thing most stores do to deter every sneaker bot. This change made botters move on to other proxy types.


3.Raffles. Following the amazing success rates of residential and ISP sneaker proxies, sneaker sites had to tighten their security measures even more. So, they decided to forgo FCFS. Instead, most stores now use a raffle mode. Everyone who enters the raffle (also known as a draw) gets a chance to win an opportunity to buy sneakers. While ISP and residential proxies can at least help you pretend to be a hundred different users during a raffle, datacenter proxies have no advantage whatsoever.



Alternatives to Datacenter Proxies for Sneaker Bots



So, you should realize by now that DC IPs are no longer an option to cop your holy grail. What can you use instead? I already introduced some of the options in the article: residential . Let’s take a closer look at it.


Residential sneaker proxies that borrows IPs from real people. That’s their biggest advantage – they allow to assume somebody’s virtual ‘identity’. This way, your bot will look like a real person to any anti-bot security system. What’s more, residential IPs rarely share a subnet, which ensures a lower risk of getting banned.


I sincerely recommend you to use PIA Proxy Manager,Its military-grade encrypted network gives you your true Internet Service Provider (ISP) IP. Residential proxies provide the highest level of anonymity to protect your real identity from detection. PIA offers rotating and sticky proxies, giving you ultimate control and flexibility. By avoiding IP bans, you can perform any bulk online task efficiently and quickly.


PIA Proxy Manager built a dedicated network of premium IPs for creating unlimited accounts, social media marketing, sneaker buying and unlimited website traffic, grow your social media presence and truly build your brand with PIA's best agencies.

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