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How to Watch ESPN Play Outside US

Product: How-To By: Markel Created: (03,08,2022 at 16:50 PM)


ESPN Play is the largest network of sports video available online and also the most widely used hub of surfing for sports enthusiasts. It has got the huge library of sports video which is available on demand, its users can watch their favorite moments that has ever happened in the history of sports and immersed in non-stop entertainment without any hassle of advertisements.

 However, there is the troubling part ESPN Play is only made available to the internet users of United States. So if you are outside of US and want to watch videos on ESPN Play then you cannot do it simply because it’s not made available in your country. Now the question is how do you watch ESPN Play outside US?


How to Surf ESPN Play Online

You must not access ESPN Play from any other country outside the US as they only serve US IP addresses, so if your IP address does not belong to a US Internet Service Provider (ISP) they are simply denying you access .

But we're here to give ourselves a solution to this denial of service, a residential proxy service may be of great help to you.

A residential proxy is an intermediary that uses an IP address provided by an Internet Service Provider (ISP), and each residential proxy address has a physical location. Even if billions of digital devices are connected to the Internet at any time, their IP addresses can pinpoint the location of any device. In fact, every residential IP is an actual device that acts as a proxy server to protect your real identity from detection.



ESPN Play is the highest rated sports media library in today's sports era, and as such is the most desired by modern sports fans. ESPN Play may not offer their service outside of the US, but why not immerse yourself in a world of great moments in sports history by going straight to a residential proxy service.

I recommend PIA Proxy Manager, with over 50 million top residential proxies, it's a reliable, fast proxy server in 180 countries around the world, so you can browse anonymously and keep your digital freedom. So now you can freely access ESPN Play wherever you are as a U.S. citizen. Enjoy your favorite sports without interruption.


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